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Benbulben, "Table Mountain," Ireland (colour film)

"Joyce Country," Ireland (monochrome film)

Glendalough, in "the Garden of Ireland," the Wicklow Hills (colour film)

Glendalough, Ireland (photo)
View over North Burnham towards Brent Knoll (photo)

Bird's Eye View of Burnham,

Looking towards Brent Knoll & Crook Peak (digital)

A lot of people say, 'I can't draw to save my life!'

What they may not realise is, that while clicking away with a camera, they are, in fact, 'drawing with light' - an art form in itself!  The etymology of 'photograph' is the Greek graph (drawing) and photo (light).  Nonetheless, like painting, a certain amount of skill is demanded for that special shot. 

Over the years, various cameras, lenses, films and filters have been employed.  Today, instead of the chemical action of light on sensitive film, pixels have made their day with many of us.  There are various views about this change.  Personally, I feel that digital does, indeed, have certain advantages, and computer software manipulation could arguably be defined as another form of art.  Yet, the special degree of patience and ingenuity demanded without resorting to such methods is, for me, generally a more pure, fresh and satisfactory approach.  Good photographs have a charm all of their own and can be enjoyed traditionally printed and framed or on canvas.  Below are a sample of photographs from around the British Isles.


Heddon's Mouth, England (photo)
Swallow Falls, Wales (photo)
Lough Eil, Scotland (photo)
Leominster, England (photo)
Ashford Castle, Ireland (photo)
Boat, Pontoon, Ireland (photo)
Cavan countryside, Ireland (photo)
Croagh Patrick, Ireland (photo)
Achill Island, Ireland (photo)
Old Head, Ireland (photo)
Pontoon, Ireland (photo)
Glen Nephin, Ireland (photo)

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