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Photo of artist
Tim at Fox Park

 Painting in progress!

Tim's studio

I live in Burnham-on-Sea that sits on the Bristol Channel in Somerset.  The sunsets witnessed here over the sea and seven miles of unbroken sands won the admiration of Turner - supposedly inspiring his work!

With the first of England's Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Quantock Hills, and World Heritage Site, the Somerset Levels, as well as other beauty spots surrounding the town, it is not surprising that it is a magnet for artists and photographers. Much of my inspiration derives from the local area, which I feel quite passionate about, especially as my relatives have had a long background of farming here.  Thus, agricultural scenes and animals find expression in my work, as well as famous local landmarks like Brent Knoll, Brean Down and Cheddar Gorge, in addition to townscapes such as Burnham, Bridgwater, Taunton, Wells, Bristol and Bath.

"To paint a bit of country, one has got to know it"!

Gustave Courbet, French Painter

I remember my Nan teaching me to paint a viking's head in oils when small.  Over the years I have largely taught myself, studying the work of such artists as Sally Maltby and Glyn and Philip Martin.  More recently, I have honed my skills through various courses and have had my work publicly exhibited.  It has received wall space around the world - from London to Mainland Europe, to Africa and Australia and the USA to the Far East!

Tim in his studio
Tim's studio
A painting in progress

Working studio

An avid photographer, I work both from photos and sketching in situ, using the primary medium of watercolours, but also the disciplines of oils, acrylics, chalk and oil pastels, gouache, pen & ink, pencil and charcoal.  Please note that the pictures shown are generally painted in watercolour unless otherwise stated; there are specific pages for examples of oil, acrylic, pastel, gouache etc.  Although I love different mediums, the words of the artist William Newton resonate with me: "Nothing quite compares with the transparency, luminosity and sheer beauty of a well-painted watercolour."

There is much versatility in my work, and I find inspiration from various areas.  Nonetheless, a particular artistic style of mine is often centred around focusing on beauty that might otherwise be overlooked - looking beyond the obvious.

 "I feel that my job is to create moods and atmospheres and sometimes to paint things as I would like them to be.... Above all, it is the ordinary things that move me most"

Gordon Benningfield, English artist

I have received various commissions - from painting people's homes, pets, favourite flowers or views, to one's beloved mini!

If asked to chose my favourite artist, I suppose in recent times it would be the likes of Alan Ingham and David Curtis.  From the past, I can’t help but be impressed with the capture of light, mood and spontaneity of Claude Monet.

“I feel you will always have a successful painting when you have an interest in a particular subject"

Toulla Hadjigeorgiou, SAA artist

It is amazing what a sponge, a piece of old tea towel, a knife, a candle, a coin, rolled up tissue, cling film, bubble wrap, tin foil, salt – even a piece of an old credit card, can achieve when mixed with paint!  Mad?  Perhaps, but one artist even made use of his jumper to press into the paint with amazing effect!  And no artist would be without the trusty old hairdryer!

Naturally, I draught scenes which have special meaning to me, but I hope some of what I felt is imparted to the viewer.  Before and during painting an artist is reaching out, and it continues after completion when someone else is appreciating the finished result.  And, unlike many things, a picture can be treasured for a lifetime.

'Remember, good art won't necessarily match your sofa!'

Kay Smith, American artist

Although this site is by no means exhaustive, you will find examples of my work on the subsequent pages, which are available for sale either as originals or reproductions.  If there are any special requests, please feel free to contact.

Exhibitions take place at my home gallery and studio - check the SAA site ( for details of the next one.

Artist's gallery
Artist's studio


Tim Smith, The Light House, 47 Rosewood Avenue, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, TA8 1HF (UK)


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