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“Art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of arrest of attention in the midst of distraction”
-Saul Bellow, Novelist

Yes, art is surely calming and peaceful, but it can also be arresting and exciting - all of which improves the quality of our lives, whether we are the producer or the recipient.  When painting, an artist is really taking a journey, but it continues after its completion, for a picture can be treasured for a lifetime when someone else's mind and heart has engaged with the artist's.  Because art is unique, it makes a special gift for a loved one or a wonderful treat for yourself!

Beach Lighthouse, Burnham-on-Sea

The Beach Lighthouse, Burnham-on-Sea (Watercolour)

This unique work has been purchased as ORIGINALS or PRINTS, including the high quality giclee print on 100% cotton paper, (designed to last a lifetime), as well as in the form of POSTCARDS, CARDS, TABLEWARE etc.  Please feel free to inquire about specific originals.

Tree Trio

Above, Tree Trio (Watercolours)

Right, Quiet - Port Isaac, Cornwall (Watercolour)

Quiet - Port Isaac, Cornwall


Please note that the pictures shown are generally painted in watercolour unless otherwise stated;

there are specific pages for oil, acrylic, pastel, gouache etc.

Here are just a few examples, the Lake District and Cornwall being favourite views of mine!

Lakeland Vista - Wrynose Pass, Cumbrian Lake District

Lakeland Vista - Wrynose Pass, Cumbrian Lake District (Watercolour)

Land of the Eagle - Hard Knott Pass, Cumbrian Lake District

Land of the Eagle - Hard Knott Pass, Lake District (Watercolour)

From Hill to Harbour - Port Isaac, Cornwall

Down to the Sea - Port Isaac, Cornwall (Watercolour) 

From Hill to Harbour - Port Isaac, Cornwall (Watercolour)

Down to the Sea - Port Isaac, Cornwall

My work is available at Seabreeze, Burnham-on-Sea and Armoury Gallery, Bridgwater.

You can buy on-line through the international site:

Chaff Cove - Port Isaac

Chaff Cove - Port Isaac, Cornwall (Watercolour)

Please Note: If you are interested in buying the original of any artwork on this site, it may still be available - please contact the artist.

Did you realise that actually more people are buying original art today? Increase is factual! There are a number of reasons why:

- People are seeing little point in spending money on mass-produced art when really they can own something unique.

- Some collect art; the dividends can pay off in the sense that one enjoys it while in possession of it, and it may well may be an investment for the future!

- And while some people buy a piece to blend in with the surroundings, others prefer to have the piece stand out as a unique talking point.

Whatever the case, original art buying is on the up!






The word 'art' first appears in the English vocabulary in the 13th century.  It derives from Old French, in turn derived from the Latin artem, meaning 'manner, mode' and the Greek artios, 'complete, make.'  Originally, the term was used to mean 'skill as a result of learning or practice,' but today has also come to embrace 'the expression of beauty or feelings.'  One book defines it as 'the creative response to personally inspired observation or concept.'  Apparently, when Picasso was asked to define art, his response was, 'What isn't art?!'  He has a point, but I wonder if that's not stretching it a bit?!

I have lived most of his life in the seaside town of Burnham in Somerset.  Here, there is the second-highest tidal rise and fall in the world. Thus, though small, Burnham has

3 lighthouses logo

This site and artwork therein is copyright © TIM SMITH, LIGHTHOUSE ART

 not just one or two, but THREE lighthouses! Hence, the chosen name LIGHTHOUSE ART!