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Brean Down Cove
Brean Down Cove - Two acrylic canvases

Brean Down Cove

Two panoramic canvases to sit on the wall slightly apart but making up one scene - a stylish approach commissioned by a local holiday park for their reception (based on artist's photographs)

Personal commissions are happily considered and can make very special gifts.  Maybe a home or beloved pet.  Even a car or bike.  Then again, perhaps you would like to commission a favourite landscape painted.  Often a photo is provided for the artist to base the work on, but sometimes alternative arrangements can be made.  Please view the examples here and feel free to enquire.

Looking Out to Sea - Burnham and the Low Lighthouse
Heading Home - Ship disappearing into the sunset over the Bristol Channel

Having tried a photo on the wall, this view was

commissioned as a painting to be a treasured holiday memory

A local took a photo of a sunset over Burnham

and asked for it be translated into a painting

Winter Lambs

A customer requested a purple sheep picture to fit in with existing decor for their country kitchen

The Robin - House Commission, with Robin on fence

The Robin

House commission

Mini - Favourite Classic - Car Commission

The Mini - Classic Favourite - Car commission

Jack Russell Terrier Pup - Pet commission
Dwarf Russian Hamster
Scruffy But Adorable - Pet commission

Run out of different gift ideas?  A pet commission could be the answer, or maybe as a "gift" for yourself!

Please Note: If you are interested in buying the original of any non-commission artwork on this site,

it may still be available - please contact the artist.

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