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Old Faithful - The Low Lighthouse, Burnham-on-Sea - a mariner's view (Acrylic)

Old Faithful - Burnham's Beach Lighthouse (acrylic on canvas)

Withy Barn - Derelict Barn on the Somerset Levels (Acrylic)

Withy Barn - The Somerset Levels (acrylic on board)

Similar effects can be made with oil and acrylic.  They can both be applied as heavily and as textured as you please and you can slap on as much white paint as you desire (a bit of a no-no with watercolours!) 

Candle On the Water - Burnham's Beach Lighthouse, looking towards the Quantock Hills (acrylic on canvas)

Brean Down Cove (Acrylic)
Candle On the Water - The Low Lighthouse, Looking Toward the Quantock Hills from Burnham-on-Sea (Acrylic)

Brean Down Cove (Commission; acrylic on canvas)


Tulips & Grape Hyacinths (acrylic on board)


Family of Puffins (oil on board)

Tulips & Grape Hyacinths (Acrylic)
Family of Puffins (Oil)
Summer Meadow - Brent Knoll (Oil)

Summer Meadow - Brent Knoll (oil on canvas)

Glorious Mud - River Brue, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

Glorious Mud

River Brue and Quantock Hills beyond,

as seen from Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

(oil on canvas)

Wind In the Willows

Looking towards Brent Knoll across Burnham Moor, The Somerset Levels

(oil on canvas)

Wind In the Willows - Looking Towards Brent Knoll Across Burnham Moor, The Somerset Levels

Please Note: If you are interested in buying the original of any artwork on this site, it may still be available - please contact the artist.

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